Faff (verb, British informal): spend time in ineffectual activity.

Bike Faff (verb, thought to have originated here): a unique type of faff, fully understood only by those who have travelled with a bike.

304 Degrees of Bike Faff (unused): a foolishly faffy journey across all 180 degrees of longitude and 124 degrees of latitude, involving a LOT of flying and very little actual cycling.


This blog started life as a way to force me to take photos during a once-in-a-lifetime sabbatical

That trip was cut short and the name of the blog no longer makes sense, but in keeping with the ‘just-about-sensible’ style of travel and writing, its life continues.

I will keep updating it with my subsequent travels, not for my innumerous followers (hi mum!), but because reading the early blogs again 12 months later has been a great pleasure for myself.  


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